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If you’ve ever felt like your skin could use a little extra glow and radiance, then this is for you. Here’s how to tell if your skin really needs skin care products for uneven skin tone, plus how to tell which ones are the best.

How to Choose the Best Skin Care Products for Uneven Skin Tone

The two major factors that make skin look dull and uneven are hydration and exfoliation. When skin isn’t well hydrated, it doesn’t have that signature lit-from-within look. Plus, a lack of exfoliation means that there’s a build-up of excess dead skin cells. The skin cells literally get in the way of the new skin underneath, blocking radiance and even potentially blocking pores, leading to acne and breakouts

If you’re trying to bring life back into your skin, there are serums and moisturisers that promise to help - here’s our guide to the best skin care ingredients to add radiance to the skin. When shopping for skin care products for uneven skin tone, look for certain key ingredients that are going to take your skin from lackluster and dull to radiant and glowing!

Skin Ferments: Fermented skincare products intensely hydrate and bring a serious glow back to your face!

Glycolic Acid: Part of the AHA family, glycolic acid gently sloughs off excess dead skin cells, revealing radiant skin underneath. 

Squalane: An ultra-lightweight oil that sinks into the skin, moisturising skin and leaving it looking glowy and luminous.

Hyaluronic Acid: Attracts water into your skin, plumping it full of hydration and that hydrated glow! 

Where to Buy Skin Care Products for Uneven Skin Tone

The best skin care products for uneven skin tone are all at Beauty Affairs. Shop serums, essences, and moisturisers from all of your favourite brands like Chanel, Dior, and La Prairie!

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