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An essence benefits skin by boosting hydration and overall skin health thanks to the skin nurturing abilities of fermented skincare. Think of them as probiotics for your skin! Just like probiotics are good for your tummy, they’re also fantastic for your skin. 

A skin-brightening essence is right for you if you want to target dull, uneven skin as well as hyperpigmentation

What is a Skin Brightening Essence?

Brightening refers to two things - first is adding glow to your skin, for a lit-from-within radiance. Who doesn’t want that?! Secondly, it also refers to brightening up darker spots that pop up on skin. 

If you have breakouts, you’re probably familiar with this type of pigmentation. These darker spots usually appear as a result of sun damage or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, aka PIH. The best essence for skin brightening works to slowly yet effectively fade these marks away. 

Depending on your skin tone, these PIH spots can show up as a light brown to a deep reddish-brown mark, exactly where a pimple used to be. Lightening these darker spots goes a long way towards making your skin look amazing - and that’s where a brightening essence comes in. 

What’s in a Skin Brightening Essence Formula?

Most essences are formulated with fermented skincare ingredients, usually derived from yeast extract and in some cases from sake extracts.

Other than skin ferments, skincare ingredients such as niacinamide and arbutin tend to pop up in brightening essence formulas. The best essence for skin brightening will have a combination of melanin-inhibiting ingredients like these combined with the already-brightening power of skin ferments to illuminate and even out dull skin. 

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