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If you’re looking for an amazing all-rounder, look no further than an antioxidant. They’re an exceptional little group of skin care ingredients that can benefit all skin types - trust us, no one regrets adding an antioxidant to their beauty routine. 

Why Use Antioxidant Skin Care Products

Antioxidants are essential to helping your skin look amazing (and ensuring it stays that way). First off, antioxidants can help shield your skin from harmful free radicals - these pesky molecules stress to skin, prematurely lowering collagen production and causing wrinkles to show up earlier than we’d like.

However, that’s not the only thing that antioxidants have up their sleeves - some antioxidants, like Vitamin C, have the power to fade dark spots, boost collagen production, and protect skin from environmental stress. And yes, that’s all at the same time! 

There’s an antioxidant out there for everyone - other than Vitamin C, examples of antioxidant skincare ingredients include Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E, and Rosehip Oil.

Types of Antioxidant Skin Care Products

The best way to get antioxidant goodness in your skincare routine is with an antioxidant serum - here’s why. Serums are usually formulated with higher percentages of antioxidants (and other goodies) compared to toners, essences, and moisturisers, making them the ideal antioxidant skin care products.

This means that you can ensure that you’re really getting the most of your skincare - especially something as amazing for your skin as an antioxidant! Plus, you can always use other antioxidant-rich products - the great thing about this category of skincare ingredient is that more does equal better (which isn’t always the case in skincare).

If you’ve got an amazing antioxidant serum in your beauty routine, any other antioxidants in your moisturiser and toner are a welcome bonus and can add a boost to your entire beauty routine. 

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