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Panthenol skin care products have been a staple of many skin care routines - especially sensitive skin routines - for a long time. It’s an effective moisturising and skin-healing ingredient that has a well-deserved spot on the ‘best ingredients of all time’ list. Intrigued yet? If you are, here’s everything you need to know about panthenol in skin care products. 

Benefits of Panthenol Skin Care Products

Panthenol is a form of Vitamin B5 - meaning, it’s part of the same beauty-boosting vitamin family as Niacinamide and Biotin. Cool, huh? What sets panthenol apart from the other B vitamins is its ability to soothe skin.

It calms skin incredibly well, reducing redness and flushing as well as taking down any irritation on skin. And that’s not all panthenol in skin care can do, either. 

Panthenol (aka d-panthenol) in skin care has a crucial role in ensuring that skin stays moisturised enough to heal properly - whether that’s healing from a pimple or irritated broken skin, panthenol can help. 

That’s why panthenol in skin care often pops up in products that are meant to soothe rashes and irritation - combined with moisturisers and other skin-healing ingredients, it’s a surefire way to soothe skin that’s been overstimulated or irritated for any reason. 

Is There More Than One Kind of Panthenol in Skin Care Products?

If you’ve looked for this skincare superstar before, you may have come across d-panthenol in skin care ingredient lists. Here’s the thing - they’re exactly the same ingredient! D-panthenol is just how panthenol is labeled in some countries. 

The best way to get all the benefits of panthenol for your skin is in a moisturiser or serum - however, it works well in almost all kinds of skincare products to soothe and moisturise skin. 

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