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When it comes to body care, there’s only one thing that will keep you smelling good all day long: the perfect deodorant. If you’re looking for something to keep you fresh, we’ve got you covered with everything from deodorant sprays to roll-ons that suit all lifestyles. We’ve also got the perfect deodorants to compliment your favourite perfume or cologne!

Stick vs. Spray Deodorants: How to Choose?

Did you know that there’s a deodorant that’s right for every situation? There’s a reason why there are so many kinds to choose from: stick, roll-on, spray, and even cream deodorant formulas exist. 

For on the go or if you need every spare second when you’re getting ready, deodorant sprays are probably the best for you. They dry fast and are less likely to leave marks and white spots on clothes!

Compared to deodorant sprays, a deodorant stick is a little clunky - but there’s a good reason why they’re the preferred choice of many for smelling good all day long. Once applied to the skin, sticks really, well, stick around. Stick deodorants are reliable and last from morning to night to keep you smelling fresh. 

If you have an active lifestyle, make sure you reach for an antiperspirant deodorant. Unlike regular deodorants which just combat odor, an antiperspirant deodorant helps keep you dry and smelling fresh all day long. 

Tips for Using Deodorants

If you’re often left feeling like nothing works for you when it comes to deodorant, we’ve got some tips:

  1. Ensure your skin is dry so that the deodorant goes on properly. This is especially true if you use a deodorant stick.
  2. Groom any hair out of the way - the deodorant needs to be on the skin to work and keep you smelling fresh!
  3. Exfoliate regularly to prevent deodorant build-up for fresher underarms. A body scrub is perfect for this, or even your favourite face scrub will do the job. Who knew that so many skin care products were multipurpose?!

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