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When you think of an aloe vera skin care product, your first thought is aloe vera gel - right? Here’s the thing; aloe vera is an amazing skin care ingredient, and shouldn’t just be relegated to saving our hot, red skin after too many hours in the sun. 

If you ask me, this is a major disservice to the best aloe vera skin care products out there - aloe vera does way more than just calm skin after a sunburn!

The Benefits of an Aloe Vera Skin Care Product

One of the biggest reasons why you’d want to use aloe vera is for its power as a humectant - it attracts water to the skin, rehydrating and plumping it.

However, aloe vera is more than just a super-hydrator - it also has antioxidant benefits that shield skin from external stressors, such as ultraviolet light and pollution. Antioxidants are a great way to shield skin from the early signs of aging and should be part of everyone’s beauty routine.

Aloe vera is also a potent anti-inflammatory - and that’s what makes it so amazing at soothing sunburned skin. However, that also makes this a winner skincare ingredient for sensitive skin! Aloe vera works to reduce inflammation incredibly well, reducing redness and flushing - no matter the cause. 

How to Choose the Right Aloe Vera Based Skin Care Products

Now that we know what makes aloe vera a fantastic ingredient, how are you supposed to know which products to look for it in? Well, the most effective aloe vera-based skin care products are usually serums, moisturisers, and toners. Why?

Their formulas and other fantastic ingredients help to bounce off the ultra-hydrating benefits of aloe vera for skin that’s radiant and full of moisture. This incredibly comforting and hydration-boosting skincare ingredient is a must-have as part of everyone’s skincare routine!

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