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Mature skin is tricky to create a routine for, but once you’ve got the perfect skin care for mature skin sorted, your skin will thank you - we promise!

What is Skin Care for Mature Skin?

I know what you’re thinking - isn’t this the same as anti-aging products? Well, it’s more than just anti-aging skincare! Mature skin has unique needs - it’s skin that’s losing its ability to retain moisture, slowing down collagen production, beginning to thin, and losing volume all at the same time. 

Most anti-aging products focus only on wrinkles and firmness, leaving the nuances of hydration behind. That’s where this type of skincare steps in!

What Are the Best Skin Care Products for Mature Skin?

Picking the right skincare for mature skin starts with taking a good look at skincare ingredients. A combination of the right ingredients will help you take your skin to the next level - no matter how ‘mature’ it might be! 

Here are some ingredients that fit perfectly into a skincare routine for your skin type.

Peptides: These short-chain amino acids can instruct skin to do a number of things; namely, produce collagen to replenish any lost collagen levels. They’re also a key to helping skin retain moisture.

Hyaluronic Acid: The holy grail of humectants, hyaluronic acid attracts water into the skin. It’s a fantastic remedy against surface dryness for thirsty skin. 

Argan Oil: This conditioning oil smooths and softens the skin - plus, it helps to lock in humectants like Hyaluronic Acid to ensure they’re even more effective. 

Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant, Vitamin C is able to boost collagen production - an essential ingredient when it comes to skincare for mature skin.   

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