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Do we love lip balm at Beauty Affairs? You bet! Lip balm, just like any other skin care, has a spot in our beauty routine. If you want soft lips, a lip balm is non-negotiable - they’re usually formulated with ingredients to intensely moisturise lips, softening any dry skin and smoothing out texture. 

Benefits of Lip Balm

Lip moisturisers are definitely workhorse, reliable products - just think about it. How many times today have you already swiped on some balm? I’ll bet lip balm is one of your most used beauty products (and you might not even realise it)! 

They’re incredibly versatile and if they have a sheer tint added, can look even better than opaque lipsticks. Plus, they’re less high maintenance than lipstick! At their core, they work as a lip moisturiser - many are formulated with ingredients to lock moisture into skin, such as shea butter, honey, and rosehip oil to deeply nourish for super-soft lips. 

They stop your lips from getting dried out by lipstick, plus they work as the perfect lip makeup primer. By smoothing over any dry patches that might make lipstick fade faster or look less than perfect, lip care products can help make your lip makeup last longer. 

Different Types of Lip Moisturiser

One of the best things about balms though is the different forms they come in. There’s the traditional chapstick kind - you know, balms in a twist-up tube. Some lip moisturiser products have glossier, runnier formulas - more reminiscent of a lip gloss, but they work as a skincare product rather than makeup. 

There’s a balm out there for everyone, formulated with the right ingredients to smooth and nurture lips. Plus, it’s not a product that’s just for the ladies! Men can use lip balms too. 

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