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When it comes to nourishing the driest of skin, only one kind of moisturiser will do: balm moisturisers. These moisturisers have extremely thick textures that really lock hydration and skincare ingredients into the skin.

Why Use A Balm Moisturiser

Moisturising balms are the heavyweights of the moisturiser world - their formulas are extremely occlusive heavy, meaning their ingredients serve mainly to both lock in moisture and protect skin from outside elements.

A balm moisturiser is ideal for severely dry skin - it can be used as a moisturiser, or on top of a regular moisturiser to boost the rest of your skincare.

The power of a balm moisturiser is its ability to seal in any hydration to the skin. This means it's amazing at locking water into the skin and preventing water loss so that skin stays hydrated all night long. Balm moisturisers are amazing at repairing and protecting your skin, but can look shiny on the skin due to their occlusive ingredients.

Alongside ingredients that seal in moisture, balms can also contain ingredients to repair and soothe irritation, such as Centella Asiatica and Panthenol. Adding these boosts the skin-nurturing power of balms to help you get flawless, healthy skin.

How to Use a Moisturising Balm

Using clean hands, scoop out a small amount of moisturising balm - remember, less is more with these ultra-healing products. Melt it between your palms before gently pressing into the skin - remember, you won’t want to disturb your skincare underneath.

Remember, balms are also super occlusive and shiny - unless you want to look reflective in public, they’re best reserved as part of your evening skin care routine. Balms have a great multi-purpose texture, too. You can use them on specific parts of your face (or body!) that are dry and flakey to heal irritated skin.

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