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If there’s one product that subtly (yet effectively) brings a makeup look together, it has to be blush. It adds a natural flush to the skin, stopping it from looking too flat and one-dimensional. Blushers can add a youthful glow to the skin, which looks even better than highlighter on some skin tones. 

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Which Blush is Right For Me?

Rouge formulas are versatile - and there’s one for everyone. How? Well, there are liquid, cream, and powder formulas to choose from. Which one you’ll use ultimately depends on a few things; mainly, your skin type and skin tone. 

If you’ve got dry or normal skin, a cream or liquid blusher will suit your skin better - it’ll add a natural moisturised radiance, blending easily into a believable, youthful flush of pink. These formulas also have the benefit of being more pigmented than powders, making them more visible on deeper skin tones for a gorgeous glow. 

Another bonus to creamy, pigmented formulas - if you prefer applying makeup with your hands (some of the pros, including Francois Nars, prefer this method!) liquid or cream blush makeup blends easily into the skin with a few gentle taps here and there. The warmth from your skin and hands together melts the makeup into the skin better for a natural, no-makeup makeup look. 

If you’re a makeup beginner, powder blush is much more forgiving - if you think you’ve got too much on your brush, just tap it off before starting to swirl it over your cheeks. Powder formulas are best suited for oily and combination skin - they’ll last longer without breaking down on the skin.

How to Use Blush Makeup

Blush makeup is supposed to go on your cheeks, but depending on your face shape, it can be hard to figure out where on your cheeks it should go. If you’re new to blush, one of the best tips is to start with the ‘C’ trick - it’s universally flattering and brings your makeup together.

Starting with the apple of your cheek, swipe your brush in a C shape to your temple - this should create a light sweep of colour, concentrated on your cheek for a youthful glow. Makeup tip for beginners - if you’re still a bit worried about putting on too much, start with a little bit at a time. It’s easier to build up a rosy glow than it is to try and blend out too much product! 

Best Blush Tips For You

A life-changing pro makeup artist tip for using a blusher is to match it to your foundation formula. For example, trying to blend liquid blusher over powder foundation is going to leave you with a patchy mess - but if you apply powder rouge, it’ll blend beautifully. We promise! When it comes to makeup, using similar textures helps to ensure an even blend, every single time - and the blusher is no exception. 

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