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Your Ultimate Guide To Choosing, Applying, And Maintaining Your Nail Polish

Join Beauty Affairs as we discuss the ins and outs of nail polish, from choosing the perfect shade to decoding ingredients and applying it like a pro. We’ll also give tips for properly storing nail polish and uncovering the latest trends. 

Whether you’re a nail polish newbie or a seasoned aficionado, this article will empower you to make informed choices and elevate your nail game.

Nail polish: a colourful voyage

Before we pick out our dream nail polish set, let’s hop into a time machine for a quick, fun ride back in history.

Our shared fascination with nail colours finds roots in ancient China, over 5,000 years ago. Beeswax, gelatin, egg whites, and the vibrant hues of roses and orchids crafted the first nail varnish, exuding luxury and status.

The saga of nail polish reached Egypt, where henna and plant extracts adorned noble fingertips. Fast forward to the 20th century, when we saw a revolutionary leap in nail products – the birth of modern liquid nail polish using nitrocellulose, spurred on by car paint inspiration.

Brands continued to reshape the cosmetics landscape, introducing a new breed of nail polish. Today, we relish an array of nail polish styles, celebrating our uniqueness with every brush stroke.

What factors should I consider when buying nail polish for the first time?

Different types of nail polish

When looking for the best nail polish Australia-wide, know your options first. Traditional nail polishes dry naturally, delivering a chip-free, glossy finish that can last up to ten days with the help of a nail primer and top coat. Meanwhile, gel nail polishes are cured using UV or LED lights, offering an instantly dry, highly chip-resistant finish.

Consider nail benefits

It’s worth looking beyond the bottle and choosing a nail polish that promotes strong nails.

We have nail polishes at Beauty Affairs that can offer just that. For example, we have the Londontown kur Illuminating Nail Concealer, a polish that not only hides nail imperfections but is also imbued with strengthening ingredients. For those struggling with nail-biting, we offer Londontown kur No Bite Nail Recovery, which has an unpleasant but harmless taste that promotes nail growth.

Decoding nail polish ingredients

When picking your nail polish set, peek at the ingredient list. Whether you prefer vegan nail polish or something that’s cruelty-free and paraben-free, choose something that reflects your values without compromising on quality or the fun of lacquer nails.

Lacquer colour selection

What are the most popular nail polish colours trending this season?

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge to choose a high-quality nail polish, it’s time to select a colour.

As with fashion, nail colours can be influenced by the seasons. Spring and summer call for vivacious pastels and warm hues that resonate with blooming nature – think greens, yellows, and bright oranges. In contrast, fall and winter invite cooler, deeper tones like blues, purples, silvers, and burnt oranges. 

Yet timeless classics – neutrals, black, red, and white – remain fashionable choices all year round.

How do I determine the right shade of nail polish for my skin tone?

The secret to choosing the perfect nail varnish shade lies in understanding your skin’s undertones and natural nail colour. 

If you have fair skin with yellow undertones, soft pink hues in your nude nail polish will harmonise beautifully. For fair skin with red undertones, go for sheer nudes with a rosy tint. Pink beige or brown beige nudes look gorgeous with tan skin with golden undertones, while tan skin with red undertones can lean towards milky brown or cinnamon hues. 

Olive skin with neutral undertones suits peachy, gold, or creamy beige nudes perfectly, and if you have deep skin with golden undertones, try nail varnish with copper, rich brown, or mauve hues.

However, don’t forget that these are just tips. The world of nail polish is your playground. Embrace your individuality and choose the colours that make you feel uniquely beautiful.

The proper way to apply nail polish

Begin your luxurious, at-home manicure with a smoothing primer or base coat. These essential nail products are the foundation of a professional nail look and your surest path to long-wearing lacquer nails. No matter the variety of nail colours you decide on, remember that the secret of a long-lasting manicure lies in the quality of the base coat.

As you explore the range of your nail polish set, consider your desired opacity. For bolder, opaque shades, two coats of nail varnish will do the magic, exuding that salon-like finish. Remember to let each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next one. The lovers of sheer nail polish are not left out. Aim for three coats to achieve a sophisticated, classy manicure. 

To complete your work of art, seal it with a high-shine top coat. This final touch not only amplifies your nail’s gloss but also facilitates quick drying. It also makes your nail polish last longer!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often should I change my nail polish?

The frequency of nail polish changes depends on the type of manicure or pedicure you’re sporting. 

Gel polish, a staple in any professional nail toolkit, can dazzle for weeks as your natural nails bloom. With regular nail varnish, longevity will depend on quality. But if you enjoy the thrill of sporting different nail colours daily, you’re free to do so with traditional nail polishes.

What makes nail polish chip quickly?

Low-quality formulas tend to chip and peel faster. By investing in high-quality formulas from luxury brands, like the ones we feature at Beauty Affairs, and following proper application techniques, you can ensure a long-lasting and flawless manicure experience. Our best tip? Taking the time to apply base coat and top coat can get an extra week’s wear out of your manicure.

How do I store nail polish?

To preserve the quality of your nail polish, place it in a cool, dark place, like a bedroom cabinet. This avoids exposure to fluctuating light and temperature, promising a prolonged lacquer lifespan.

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