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BHAs are a beneficial skincare ingredient for more reasons than you might think! BHA stands for beta-hydroxy acid, and salicylic acid is the most common BHA in skincare. Beside salicylic acid, beta-hydroxybutanoic acid, tropic acid and trethocanic acid are also common BHA used in skincare cosmetics. 

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Why Use BHA Skin Care Products

The first reason you’d reach for a BHA product is for exfoliation. BHAs work incredibly well to exfoliate the skin, especially oily skin. Why? BHAs are oil-soluble, which can dissolve excess sebum and oil-based grime for clear, matte skin. They’re also fantastic for sloughing off pore-blocking dead skin cells, effectively banishing blackheads and breakouts from the skin.

However, that’s not the only thing this fantastic acid family can do! An often underestimated benefit of BHAs is their ability to act as an anti-inflammatory on the skin. Firstly, this helps to soothe any redness and irritation from breakouts for glowing, pimple-free skin. Secondly, low amounts of BHA can calm sensitive skin, which makes it a fantastic addition to skin-soothing skincare products.

Types Of BHA Skin Care Products

If you’re looking for a BHA product that will clear breakouts and help to mattify oily skin, your best bet is a toner, essence, or clay mask with a BHA added. These products excel at helping your skin get the most out of a BHA and any other beneficial ingredients.

When using BHA skin care products to soothe breakouts, sometimes less is more - using exfoliating products too many times in a row can lead to the opposite effect and make skin feel drier than it should!

If you’re looking at a face cream and wondering why it has a BHA, it’s likely added to the formula to make the most of its skin-soothing benefits - not the exfoliating ones.

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