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When it comes to getting perfect nails at home, most people skip the two most important steps - priming your nails and using a topcoat. If you’ve ever wondered what the secret is to why your nails look so good at the salon but you can’t get them to look that way at home, wonder no more - it all has to do with using a base coat.

Why Use Nail Primer?

Using a base coat is just as important as using a primer before applying your foundation. It’s one of the most important nail products out there! Chances are, you do have a face primer in your cosmetics bag - but do you have a base coat in your at-home mani kit?

A nail priming base coat helps your nail colour last longer. Some are formulated with ‘sticky’ formulas, to ensure that anything you apply over the top doesn’t peel off as easily, ensuring your nails stay chip-free for longer.

Another bonus to using a nail hardener is they help to smooth out any ridges on your nails for a super-smooth, professional finish. Everyone’s nails have natural bumps and ridges - at a salon, your experienced nail technician will gently buff these away for smooth nails.

At home, it can be easy to over-buff nails, weakening them and making them thin and papery. The solution? A ridge-filling base coat that perfectly preps your nails - making even an at-home manicure look like gel nails.

Another bonus to using a priming base coat is that many are formulated with nail-strengthening ingredients, helping to fortify bendy, splitting nails. Using a strengthening base coat means you get the effect of ensuring your nails last longer and you help build up weak nails at the same time. Win-win!

How to Use Nail Hardener and Base Coat

Once you’ve chosen the best priming base coat for your nails, using one is easy. First, make sure your nails are clean of any natural-oil-based residue or water - a quick swipe with nail polish remover usually does the trick. Anything left on your nail can stop your manicure from lasting as long as it should - and yes, that includes old nail polish!

Apply your chosen base coat (for example, the GA-DE basecoat) to your nails, prepping them for your favourite nail colour. Voilà - now all you need to do is carefully apply nail polish, seal off with your favourite top coat and your nails are done! Plus, they look just like you got them done at the salon. Let them dry and add a touch of cuticle oil to each of your nails for a flawless at-home manicure.

Pro tip: if you’ve just started using a strengthening base coat, use two coats of it before moving to your nail polish. It’ll help kick-start the strengthening process and helps to prevent your nail polish from chipping!

Where to Buy Nail Hardener and Base Coat: Australia Edition

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