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Using a hand wash liquid or soap bar is crucial, even more so these days - so choose the right one! Good hygiene, with the best hand soap, doesn’t have to be dull. Do we know it’s hard to choose though - antibacterial or scented? Soap bar or liquid hand wash? Our favourite hand soap bars and liquid hand wash for our body care routines are here.

Shop hand wash liquid and soap bars at Beauty Affairs. We have an extensive collection of hand wash liquid and soap bars from well-known brands like Dermalogica, Mor, Loccitane, iKOU, Grown Alchemist and Anne Semonin.

 Liquid Hand Wash or Soap Bar?

This entirely depends on how each one makes your hands feel. Because most bar soaps are naturally made from ingredients like shea butter and olive oil, they have a higher pH. Unlike a liquid hand cleanser, this can make some peoples’ hands feel drier than usual. Either way, you should follow them with hand cream for soft, moisturised hands.

Besides cleansing ingredients, hand soaps are sometimes formulated with antibacterial ingredients (to zap nasties) and natural scents for an aromatherapy experience. Lavender is a super calming yet refreshing scent that takes washing your hands to the next level. Or, opt for a zingy citrus scent that brightens up your day!

Washing Hands for Clearer Skin

I know what you’re thinking - I’m not using hand wash, soap, or anything else on my face! And you’re right; you shouldn’t. Here’s the thing - you should clean your hands with a liquid hand wash before doing your skincare routine.


You could have acne-causing germs on your hands and not even know it! Always wash your hands before starting your skincare routine. Who knew that liquid soap hand wash was essential to a skincare routine? Now that you know it could impact your beauty routine, I bet you won’t go without one.

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