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Here’s the thing - we can’t just have all this fantastic skin care for our faces but totally neglect body care. Our bodies deserve the same care and attention, but most of the time, we underappreciate the skin on our bodies - let’s change that!

Why Body Care Matters

When it comes to creating the perfect body care routine, the three main tenets still stand - cleansing, moisturising, and sun protection. Luckily, the skin on our bodies isn’t as picky (usually) as our facial skin! Using the right products ensures that our body's skin is radiant and healthy - here are some of the different products you can use to achieve that.

Types of Body Care Products

Knowing how to create a body care routine starts with understanding the products that you can actually get for your body. Here’s a list of the basics.

Bath & Shower Gels

Just like your face, using the right cleanser on your body matters. You can find moisturising cleansers that don’t leave skin feeling dry or refreshing body washes with scents that take you straight to the tropics.

Create a sensorial experience with the perfect bath and shower gel for your skin, plus set the foundation for your ideal body care routine.

Body Moisturisers & Body Oils

Body moisturisers and oils work together to lock hydration into the skin, preventing dryness and ensuring your skin stays soft and supple. They come in different formulas, too - body milk is lightweight yet nourishing. Body butter and balms have thick, luxurious textures to trap moisture in the skin and leave it touchably smooth. 

Body oils are formulated with a blend of plant oils to soften and nourish skin, plus they double up as massage oils to boost circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage.

Body Scrubs

Exfoliation is just as crucial for the body as it is for the face! Getting rid of dry, flakey skin ensures that skin is soft and touchable everywhere, from top to toe. The skin on your body can tolerate more vigorous physical exfoliation than your face - so don’t be too worried about over-exfoliation with body scrubs.

It’s ideal for exfoliating your body every few days - paired with your perfect body moisturiser, your skin will glow.

Hand & Foot Care

Of all parts of the body, hands and feet tend to be the most neglected! Caring for both of them goes a long way to feeling good and looking fabulous with rich moisturisers and scrubs to ensure they’re super soft and smooth. 

One of our beauty expert-approved tips is to put clean socks on after applying a generous amount of foot cream so you wake up with perfectly moisturised heels in the morning!

The Best of Body Care

We’ve got the best body care products here at Beauty Affairs - bath and shower gels for every skin type and preference to body moisturisers and body oils to soften and nourish. Create your perfect beauty routine from top to toe with luxury beauty. Create a membership now and get exclusive access to the best in beauty.

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