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Facial mask is a must-have in any beauty lover’s arsenal! It is not just an effective skincare product, loaded with skin-nourishing ingredients for glowing skin - they’re great for giving us a moment of self-care and relaxation. When it comes to inner and outer beauty, face mask products are essential.

In pursuing beauty, facial masks should be part of everyone’s skincare routine - here’s a cheat sheet of the different types of face masks and which skin type they’re best for.

Types of Facial Masks


For oily skin, masks like this make a huge difference - clay masks can absorb excess oil and impurities for clearer, softer skin. They’re best used once or twice a week to maintain matte, shine-free skin.


Better for normal to dry skin, masks such as cream masks are similar to very thick moisturisers. They’re applied in a thick layer, then gently rinsed off to reveal hydrated skin underneath.


Masks containing charcoal are ideal for acne-prone skin - charcoal sponges up dirt and acne-causing bacteria, clearing breakouts for perfect skin. These can be used once or twice a week to keep skin clear of pimples.


You’d leave these masks on for at least 15 minutes - all skin types can use sheet masks as a refreshing skin treat. They’re best for restoring dehydrated skin and plumping the skin. Since their main benefit is moisture, they can be used as often as you like!


Peel-off masks are more than a social media gimmick - they’re a great way to fight off early fine lines and wrinkles. Once the mask is peeled off, the skin underneath is firmer and younger. They’re great as a once-a-week pick-me-up.


Sleeping masks are the only kind you can leave on overnight - hence their name. They’re similar to heavy moisturisers but have a higher concentration of skincare ingredients, so you wake up with gorgeous, glowing skin.

When to Use Facial Mask

Knowing when to use them depends on the kind that you’re using. Like all things beauty, facial mask products need to be used in the correct order. Here are some tips to make the most of these incredible products in your skincare routine!

Peel-off, charcoal, clay, and cream masks are best used right after cleansing. Since these ones get washed off, you don’t want to apply your serums beforehand to rinse them down the sink!

A sheet mask should follow the toner. Fun fact - if your skin is still damp from toner when you put your mask on, it’ll absorb the mask ingredients even better for super-hydrated skin.

Your sleeping mask should come after face moisturiser. They tend to be quite thick in texture - in fact, they’ll be so thick that there’s no point applying anything after them to save them for last in your nighttime skincare routine.


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