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If you haven’t heard of a PHA before, I don’t blame you - they’re an uncommon, yet amazing skin care ingredient that helps to gently exfoliate skin for a brighter glow. 

What Exactly Are PHA Skin Care Products?

I know what you’re thinking - what the heck is a PHA in the first place? PHA stands for poly-hydroxy acid, and they’re part of the chemical exfoliant family alongside AHAs and BHAs. Some ingredients that you may have seen before (and not realised that they’re PHA skin care ingredients) include gluconolactone, galactose, and lactobionic acid.  

If none of that isn’t ringing a bell, don’t worry - that’s why we’ve written this quick guide to PHA skin care products.

What Are the Benefits of PHA Skin Care?

The cool thing about PHAs is that they have more than one way to benefit the skin - just like AHAs. The reason you might go for a PHA instead of an AHA is that they tend to be gentler, and better tolerated by sensitive skin. 

The reason why PHAs are better tolerated is that they have a larger molecular structure - the larger molecule a skincare ingredient is, the harder it is for it to penetrate the skin. In contrast, glycolic acid has the smallest structure of any exfoliating acid, which means it has the potential to penetrate deeper in the skin, but also cause more irritation along the way. 

However, a gentler ingredient doesn’t mean you’re passing up on skin care benefits! They have similar benefits for skin - in when used in higher concentrations, PHA skin care products are effective, yet super gentle exfoliators. 

This means they help to clear away any breakouts and improve skin texture over time. However, in lower concentrations, they have a hidden ability - they’re fantastic humectants and work to draw hydration into the skin for a flawless glow.

If you’re ready to add PHAs to your beauty routine, shop the best in luxury skincare now from Beauty Affairs.

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