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Here’s the thing - collagen as we know it is essential to our skin. After all, it’s the structure of our skin that helps to fill it out and prop it up! Here are our best tips for shopping for collagen skin care

Our Guide to Collagen Skin Care

Did you know that we naturally produce collagen in our skin? Unfortunately, our skin’s collagen supplies and production ability naturally decrease over time as a natural part of aging. However, the right skincare ingredients out there can help to kickstart collagen production in the skin, reversing the signs of aging. Ingredients that work well for this are antioxidants, vitamin C, and retinol to name a few. 

The thing about collagen itself is it’s not exactly like ceramides in the way that you can apply it on your skin and boom - your skin has more collagen. However, topically applied collagen still has benefits for skin - namely, it’s a great skin moisturiser. 

Collagen helps to prevent dryness and make skin look plumper by locking moisture to the skin, temporarily reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ensuring that skin is well-moisturized with collagen skincare also has a crucial role to play in maintaining a healthy acid mantle - one of the most important skin structures.

The acid mantle helps to lock moisture into the skin while at the same time keeping external irritants and acne-causing bacteria out for healthy, radiant skin.

Best Collagen Products for Skin

When it comes to locking the moisturising benefits of collagen into the skin, using a serum or moisturiser will be the most effective. They’ll deliver a potent dose of collagen to the skin, intensely moisturising it and ensuring no extra wrinkles pop up due to dry and dehydrated skin.

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