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Cleansing your face thoroughly is an essential part of your skin care routine, and one of the ways to get a perfectly clean face is with micellar water. They’re also called cleansing waters, but no matter what you call them, their purpose is the same - to gently cleanse and remove makeup from your skin.

What is Micellar Water?

Well, it’s definitely more than just ‘water in a bottle’. Micellar cleanser is fantastic for those with more sensitive skin and dry skin - here’s why.

Cleansing water contains super low amounts of surfactants - aka, the ingredients that make your regular cleanser foam up. This makes micellar cleansing water actually able to grab any oil and water-based grime from the skin without stripping the skin.

These surfactants form unique shapes called ‘micelles’ - hence the name micellar water. Micellar waters aren’t as good at removing heavy-duty, waterproof mascara compared to cleansing oils - they’re better suited for light makeup removal.

In any case, you should be following up your preferred makeup removal step with a regular cleanser - a process that’s called double-cleansing.

Tips for Using Micellar Cleansing Water

Soak a cotton pad in micellar cleanser, and use it in gentle swiping motions to grab every speck of makeup from your skin before following up with a cleanser that suits your skin type and voila - you’ve got perfectly cleansed skin.

You should always rinse off micellar cleansing water. Even though it can be used as a very gentle cleanser on its own, it’s best to rinse it off before moving to the next products in your routine to ensure you’re making the most of your amazing skin care routine.

At Beauty Affairs, we’ve got micellar water for every skin type from brands like Dr Irena Eris, GA-DE, and L’Occitane - shop now and get 3 free samples with every order. Free delivery is available Australia wide for order over $179. 


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