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Did you know that you don’t need topical acne treatments to zap breakouts anymore? That’s where a blue light therapy skin care tool comes in. It’s a spot treatment that’s super effective at stopping breakouts, but won’t bleach towels or irritate the skin. 

What Is Blue Light Therapy?

Using BLT involves targeting breakouts with a light that emits a specific wavelength to reduce the appearance of breakouts. There are two main ways that blue light exerts effects on the skin - first, blue light can reduce the activity of sebaceous glands. This means that they’ll produce less sebum, the natural oils on skin that can clog pores.

Secondly (and more importantly) blue light zaps any acne-causing bacteria on the skin, stopping breakouts in their tracks. It stops them from multiplying ultimately bringing down any pus and bacteria-filled breakouts for clearer skin.

A major advantage of blue LED light therapy over traditional skin care spot treatments is you can use them as often as required until the breakout has completely gone - a huge bonus compared to spot treatments that could irritate the skin if used too frequently or overzealously.

Can Anyone Use Blue LED Light Therapy?

Even if you’re not prone to frequent breakouts, a blue light therapy tool should always be in your beauty stash. They’re fantastic for all skin types - even sensitive! And here’s the thing - when was the last time you had a pimple but didn’t have anything to help calm it down? We all know that DIY recipes aren’t what you should go for, so we recommend keeping a BLT wand in your stash for emergencies.

They’re best used on the skin right after cleansing, so there are no products between your skin and the zit-busting blue light. Use it day and night until all breakouts are gone!

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