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There isn’t a better way to completely transform your space than with home fragrance! Different aromas can evoke warm memories, re-energise our minds, and cleanse our spaces - that’s what makes scented home products essential to creating the perfect environment, whether that’s at home or even at the office. 

Guide to Home Fragrance

Our fragrance for home edit includes only the best in scented candles and reed diffusers. Scented candles are classic home fragrance products that are true crowd-pleasers - have you ever seen anyone unhappy with receiving a candle? Especially one that smells as good as the woodwick candles from Hutwoods? We didn’t think so. 

Soy-based candles have a longer burning time and don’t release as many sooty carbons into the air, making them the perfect eco-friendly alternative to traditional paraffin candles. Luxury candle brand Hutwoods specially creates candles with wooden wicks, another environmentally-friendly swap for cotton wicks that has the added bonus of crackling like a comforting fire. 

Another environmentally friendly option is diffusers - they slowly release their scent into the air for a low-fuss option that you don’t need to worry about catching fire or putting out all the time. Plus, once they’re all used up, the vessel makes a great vase for flowers afterwards - talk about upcycling!

Plug-in air fresheners are also popular when it comes to fragrance for home, however, they lack the same elegance and grace that a well-designed reed diffuser or scented candle has. They’re often left in reach of little ones, which can lead to them being unintentionally unplugged - unlike candles and diffusers, which are easy enough to place out of reach. 

The Best of Home Fragrance: Diffuser or Candle?

Each has its benefit when it comes to uplifting your space, no matter which one you choose. Diffusers are low maintenance and just need to be placed in the perfect spot to waft your new favourite home fragrance into your space - they’re ideal for places with plenty of circulation to ensure even diffusion of your chosen scent.

Unlike scented candles, they pose little risk of fire hazard and just do their own thing. However, that doesn’t mean fragranced candles should be avoided. Scented wood wick candles pack more of a punch than diffusers for a more potent scent throw - the added gentle heat encourages your new favourite fragrance to spread faster for a stronger aroma. 

Wooden wick candles also add to the aural ambience of space - these natural wicks burn and pop like a softly crackling fire - a soothing background sound that really adds to the ambience. These candles are perfect for creating a homey environment and adding a signature fragrance to whichever space you use them in! 

Where to Buy Home Fragrance Australia

Shop the best in home fragrance at Beauty Affairs! Browse a huge range of eco-friendly wood wick candles, or find your new favourite smell in a long-lasting diffuser from Hutwoods. Free shipping Australia-wide with orders over $150, plus shop now pay later with Klarna, Zip, or AfterPay!

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