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What is an exfoliating essence, exactly? This type of essence is basically a gentle daily exfoliant in liquid form. However, they’ve got more benefits for your skin than just a simple chemical exfoliant!

What’s in an Exfoliating Essence?

This type of essence gets its unique exfoliating ability usually from BHAs or AHAs - two types of chemical exfoliants. Some essences have a mix of both to help your skin get the best of both worlds! 

Since essences are meant to be used daily, they have lower concentrations of AHAs and BHAs. Benefits of exfoliating include smaller-looking pores, brighter-looking skin and an overall healthy glow. 

What’s neat about exfoliating essences is that they’re multi-purpose skin care. Alongside chemical exfoliants, essences are usually packed with the skin equivalent of probiotics - that is, skin ferments. These are usually fermented extracts derived from yeast or rice and have a wide range of benefits for the skin. 

How to Use an Exfoliating Essence

An essence goes in your skincare routine right after toner (if you use one) and ahead of any serums or treatments. Here’s a pro tip - normally, you’d pat essence in using your hands. While this is a great technique, there’s something else you can do to boost the power of your essence. 

Using a cotton pad with your essence amps up the exfoliating ability for even better results - minimising the appearance of pores and smoothing texture for healthy-looking skin. This type of powerful, yet non-irritating weightless exfoliating ability goes a long way to supporting healthy skin, no matter your skin type.

Essences (especially ones that exfoliate) are great for anyone starting their anti-ageing or are already on their anti-ageing journey. They’re a form of nutrient-rich skincare that targets overall skin health - but are especially good at fighting off premature signs of ageing.

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