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It’s important to put your best face forward - and how better to do that than with the best makeup you can get your perfectly manicured hands on? When it comes to skincare and makeup, Australia is lucky to have us - shop the best face makeup products from all your favourite brands here at Beauty Affairs.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you sorted. Here’s our quick guide to which makeup to reach for and why we’re who to rely on to buy makeup online (Australia-wide shipping is free with orders over $100, by the way)!

We’ve Got Your Favourite Makeup, Australia!

Find makeup from all of the best luxury brands at Beauty Affairs. Find your new favourite lipstick from YSL, the foundation from La Prairie, and more. But first, here’s our guide to just a few of the amazing face makeup products we have that’ll help you get a flawless finish.

Base Makeup: Back to Basics


This is a crucial step - and other than great skincare, it helps your makeup look amazing. It creates a flawless base for your foundation, ensuring your skin looks super-smooth and lasts all day.

There are different makeup primers for different skin types; oil-controlling primers help skin stay matte all day long while hydrating primers prevent dry patches and skin flakes from appearing.


The best foundation for your skin means you’ve got to match the formula to your skin type! There are so many kinds of foundation out there - cream foundation, powder foundation, liquid foundation, and mineral foundation.

Cream foundation is ideal for normal to dry skin, while liquid works for all skin types. Powder and mineral foundations are best for combination and oily skin since their powder formulas are less likely to break down with the skin’s natural oils.


You won’t always need concealer, but it’s handy to cover up any surprise pimples or brighten dark circles. Cream concealers have high coverage, blendable formulas for undetectable coverage. Pro tip: use a small brush to concentrate concealer on target areas. A little goes a long way!


The power of powder is underestimated for all skin types! It’s not just there to mattify oily skin. A proper finishing powder leaves a perfecting veil on the skin that’s never too powdery or too matte - it finishes off your makeup look perfectly.

Tips for Buying Makeup Online: Australia Edition

Whether you live in humid Darwin or dry Adelaide, the key to making makeup work for you is understanding your skin type and choosing the best makeup.

Cream makeup products can help skin feel less dry in arid climates like South Australia, while humid Far North Queensland and Northern Territory might want powder formulas that hold up to muggy temperatures.

Understanding makeup textures will help on your next mission to buy your new favourite makeup online. Australia’s best online luxury makeup shop is Beauty Affairs - buy makeup online, Australia-wide same-day-dispatch now available! Our customers can choose three free samples with every order and choose a gift with orders over $200. Free shipping is available in Australia for orders over $179.

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