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There’s nothing more satisfying than using a creamy, rich moisturiser - they’re super comforting and leave skin softened, nourished, and ever so slightly dewy. 

Why Use a Moisturising Cream

Creams are one of the first versions of moisturiser ever to exist - some companies have cream moisturiser formulas that haven’t changed for over a hundred years, and that’s just a testament to how nourishing cream formulas can be for the skin.

However, the texture of a moisturising cream might not be everyone’s cup of tea - because creams tend to be formulated with intensely moisturising plant oils, they can feel greasy, especially to those with oily skin. Cream moisturiser formulas have the best face moisturising for dry skin abilities thanks to their heavier formulas.

A moisturising cream suits normal skin and dry skin the best - and not just for adding moisture to the skin. Creams can work double duty to protect skin in the daytime with SPF, but they’re also great for adding active ingredients into your skincare routine.

Creams can be fortified with skin care ingredients to reduce redness, fight off fine lines and wrinkles, and lift sagging skin - they can definitely do more than just hydrate skin! 

How to Use a Skin Moisturising Cream

A cream moisturiser can be used morning and night - just make sure you’re using the right one for each time of day. It’s a waste using moisturisers formulated with SPF at night! When it comes to getting the best face moisturising for dry skin benefits, make sure to use a cream for the right time of day. 

A good rule of thumb is to start with a 10c coin-sized amount of skin moisturising cream - use more if you need more, or apply less if your skin doesn’t need as much. 

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