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Whether you’re trying to take your lip makeup to the next level or just want the perfect, sheer glow to finish off your makeup look, you can’t go wrong with lip gloss. They’re super versatile and are ideal for everyday and special occasion makeup. Find the best lip gloss for you here at Beauty Affairs.

What’s the Best Lip Gloss?

Traditional lip glosses are transparent and add a juicy shine to lips without necessarily adding any colour - but that’s slowly starting to change. While a clear gloss gives you the most options to work with since it can go over any colour, more and more luxury beauty brands are releasing pigmented lip glosses!

They can range from adding a subtle tint to your look to being almost as opaque as traditional lipsticks - just in a moisturising, glossy finish. Compared to lipsticks, these pigmented lip glosses don’t last as long. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as good. Depending on the makeup look, a matte or shiny lip looks better - all the better to have both options to reach for in your makeup bag.

Another bonus for lip gloss (compared to lipsticks) is that they’re usually more moisturising, especially when compared to matte liquid lipsticks. They help smooth over any natural lip creases for the appearance of smooth, full lips - something liquid lipstick can’t do.

Sheerer lip glosses help pull a look together effortlessly, and some are formulated to add a subtle sparkle to your lips and a juicy shine.

Tips for Buying Lip Gloss Online

Other than looking for the perfect shade, there’s one more thing to consider when buying lip gloss online - and that’s how you actually apply it!

When it comes to lip gloss, the applicator is really, really important - so pay attention to it. Most lip glosses have what’s called a doe foot applicator. It’s soft and slightly angled down so you can apply your lip gloss precisely where you want it to go - ideal for using a super pigmented, super shiny lip gloss.

Another familiar lip gloss applicator is a brush - they’re a little less precise, so they’re perfect for swiping on a sheer or translucent gloss for a juicy glow. The great thing with sheer lip glosses is that they’re so low maintenance, that you don’t even need to look in the mirror when you’re applying them - just swipe and go!

Where to Shop for Lip Gloss: Australia Edition

We’re sure that we’ve got the perfect lip gloss for you here at Beauty Affairs. Shop the best lip products from brands like YSL, Inika Organic, and GA-DE Beauty for your perfect pout. Whether you’re looking for something that sets as a lip stain or a way to add a bit of shine to your favourite lipstick, we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to shopping for lip gloss, Australia’s lucky to have us! Shop now and pay later with Afterpay, ZipPay, and Klarna now available.

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