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When it comes to bio-peptides skin care, far too many people underestimate the power of peptides and opt for skincare that has retinol or Vitamin C instead. Here’s the thing - bio-peptides are an amazing way to boost the anti-aging potential of your skincare routine, even with those other fantastic skincare ingredients. Here’s how. 

The Benefits of Bio-Peptides Skin Care

Unlike other skincare ingredients like Vitamin C and retinol, what sets bio-peptides apart is their ability to tell the skin what to do. When it comes down to it, all bio-peptides are groups of amino acids - the building blocks of protein naturally found in our bodies.

These proteins come with pre-wired messages, and once they ‘lock-in’ to skincare cells, they naturally influence skin and instruct it how to behave. 

Bio-peptides really shine when it comes to reducing the signs of aging and fading away dark spots and pigmentation. Here’s how - first, some bio-peptides are able to tell skin cells to produce more collagen, plumping the skin and reducing the signs of wrinkles. Other bio-peptides are able to (temporarily) reduce movement of the muscle underneath the skin where it’s applied, giving a botox-like effect and preventing the wrinkle from worsening. 

Bio-peptides also subtly influence melanocytes in the skin, too - that is, the cells that are responsible for producing melanin, the pigment in our skin. They can sometimes get carried away and produce hyperpigmentation; that’s where bio-peptides step in and tell them to calm down a bit!

How to Use Bio-Peptides Skin Care

The fantastic thing about bio-peptides is that they play well with pretty much all other skincare ingredients, and are incredibly effective in all formulas! For a concentrated, anti-aging, and skin-brightening boost, look for a serum. If you’re wanting something to round out an already amazing anti-aging routine, a peptide-infused moisturiser is another fantastic option.

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