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The truth about glycerin is that it’s an amazing skin care ingredient - cosmetic chemists reckon that it’s even more effective than hyaluronic acid at attracting water to the skin, plumping it, and boosting hydration. Here’s exactly what glycerin does for skin (and why it’s in basically all of your skincare)!

Why is Glycerin in Skin Care?

Glycerin has an important role to play as a humectant skincare ingredient - in other words, its key benefit for skin is increasing water levels in the skin. I know, on the surface that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s crucial if you want your skin to have a dewy glow. 

The fantastic thing about glycerin is that it’s incredibly good at its job - that’s why it’s added to face wash, serum, moisturiser, toner - you name it, it’s probably got glycerin in it. If it wasn’t for glycerin, beauty products wouldn’t be the same!

Benefits of Glycerin for Skin

We’ve already established what glycerin technically does - but who is it best for? In general, all skin types benefit from the moisture-grabbing benefits of glycerin. However, glycerin beauty products work especially well for dry skin and skin that’s prone to dehydration - all thanks to glycerin’s super-powered water-attracting abilities. 

Ensuring that skin is well-hydrated does a few crucial things - first, it ensures that your skin has a resilient and healthy skin barrier, keeping moisture in while locking irritants out. Second, hydrated skin has a moisturised glow - not just a shine, but an actual, lit-from-within glow. Who wouldn’t want that?

Locking in the benefits of glycerin for the skin starts with using a good moisturiser - alongside glycerin, they’ll contain other nourishing and active skincare ingredients to boost hydration and target other skin concerns. Glycerin in skin care is an exceptional skin ingredient that should stop being overlooked as ‘just a hydrator’ - it’s a skin hero!

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