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If you have combination skin, it’s likely you have a really hard time shopping for skin care that’s just right. Combination skin means that you have skin that tends to overproduce oil in some parts, while other parts of your face remain dry (and possibly too dry).

However, with the right skincare, this doesn’t have to be an issue - shop luxury skincare products for combination skin here at Beauty Affairs.

How to Choose Combination Skin Care Products

Choosing the best face care products for combination skin starts with making sure that you actually have combination skin and not oily skin. If your skin is oily in your t-zone and dry on your cheeks, then you’re most likely a combination skin type!

Creating your skincare routine for combination skin starts with the basics - all skin types need to start off with a simple cleanser and moisturiser before adding all the extra goodies such as toner and essence. 

When it comes to picking a cleanser, look for gel cleansers or milk cleansers. Both are formulated to cleanse but have different levels of hydration for skin - making them ideal combination skincare products. 

If you’re still looking for a moisturiser, stick to gel or gel-cream formulas. It’s really important not to underestimate how powerfully a gel formula can hydrate skin! They’re packed full of ingredients to balance the oily parts of your face while still being rich enough for the drier patches. 

The ideal skincare routine for combination skin has a balance of comforting moisture and balancing lightness to ensure that skin isn’t too matte, nor too shiny.

Where Can I Buy the Best Face Care Products for Combination Skin?

At Beauty Affairs, we’ve got a huge range of luxury skincare products for combination skin Shop from all your favourite brands such as La Mer and Declaré to balance and hydrate your combination skin.

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