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If you’re finding that makeup brushes just aren’t right for your skin, a makeup sponge might be the answer to all of your problems. At Beauty Affairs we’ve got beauty sponges in all shapes and sizes that’ll help make your face makeup look absolutely flawless - here’s our guide to using these essential makeup tools.

Makeup Sponge vs. Makeup Brush

One of the biggest reasons you’d want to use a beauty sponge instead of a makeup brush is that they’re so much faster at getting a flawless finish. Something like a beauty blender gently presses and blends foundation into the skin, making it look super flawless - brushes can take a little more time to get the same kind of blend and aren’t as beginner-friendly!

How to Use a Beauty Blender

This is a great tip for using any makeup sponge - no matter if it’s shaped like an egg or a traditional triangle sponge: always use them damp. Run them underwater and then give them a good squeeze - they’re not supposed to be used sopping wet, but being slightly damp helps them to blend any makeup perfectly into your skin. 

Keeping Your Beauty Sponge Clean

What many people don’t realise is that it’s crucial to keep all of your beauty tools clean - and that goes for your beauty blender, too! Since they need to be dampened with water to use, combined with zipping them up in a dark makeup bag is the perfect recipe for breakout-causing bacterial growth on your makeup sponges.

Our tips? Always leave your beauty sponge to dry in a well-ventilated space - a sunny windowsill is a great option, plus give them a thorough wash after every use with antibacterial soap. 

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