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Thanks to Korean skincare, face mists are becoming much more popular - plus, they’re super versatile skin care products. On the most basic level, facial mists are great for refreshing skin on the go - but that’s not all they can do. Some facial sprays also work as toners on the skin, reviving and refining it. Another way to use face mist spray is to prep skin for makeup, and set makeup after application for a flawless finish.


What Does A Face Mist Do?

Above all, a facial mist delivers nourishment and hydration to the skin. While they’re not as concentrated as serums, a face mist spray still helps to nurture skin by delivering skincare ingredients to where they’re needed.

All skin types can use facial mists, but dry skin types benefit the most - just make sure to choose a face mist without alcohol. A face mist for dry skin will have some hydrating ingredients added, too - facial sprays are usually water-based but fortified with humectant ingredients that help draw water into the skin. Travel facial mists are a great option for skin hydration on the go, too - they’re great for a mid-flight pick-me-up!


How to Use Face Mists

Facial mists can be used a few different ways - for dry skin, using a face mist spray between skincare steps helps hold moisture to the skin to keep dry skin flakes at bay. They can also be used to prime skin for makeup, minimising skin flakes for a flawless makeup look. Dry skin can make foundation look obvious or cakey - using a face mist helps hydrate and replenish before applying any makeup.

You can use it after you’re done applying makeup, too. Setting makeup for a natural finish is another way to use face mists - the water in the facial spray sets makeup for a dewy finish and helps makeup not look so powdery, and more like natural skin instead - pro tip from our makeup artist!


Can All Skin Types Use a Face Mist?

All skin types can benefit from a refreshing face mist - here’s another pro tip, in the summer keep your face mist in the fridge for a super-cooling pick me up. It cools and refreshes skin, calming down any redness and dryness from a hot day. If you have oily skin, it’ll also stop your skin from feeling as oily as fast!

The best face mist for you depends on your skin type. Even though they’re mostly water, some face mists can be surprisingly hydrating. Normal to dry skin will drink up a facial mist that has hyaluronic acid for intense hydration. Combination to oily skin types will appreciate a spray that has witch hazel to balance and mattify their skin.

At Beauty Affairs, we’ve carefully chosen the best of the best face mists from your favourite beauty brands like Lancôme and Declaré. Don’t forget to check out our best beauty tips for using a face mist spray on our blog - get your beauty affairs in order today!. Don’t forget to check out our best beauty tips for using a face mist spray on our blog - get your beauty affairs in order today!

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