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Eye masks are the ultimate secret weapon against dry under eyes and dark circles. They’re the best eye care for a super quick, instant pick me up - but they do so much more than that!

Why Use An Eye Mask

Just like face masks, eye masks are a fantastic way to add a little bit of self-care to your day. They’re cooling and refreshing on your skin, plus they work so darn quickly. Some of the fastest results you’ll see from only the best eye masks are: 

How do they manage to do this? Well, these masks are formulated with ingredients to specifically target the delicate undereye area. Secondly, as a mask, they lock the goodness from those ingredients to the under-eye area - the mask itself prevents too much water from vanishing way, ensuring that the formula stays potent and effective for longer.  

How to Use Under Eye Masks

Getting the most from undereye masks means using them the right way. If you’re using them in your skin care routine, be sure to use them right after your essence. Once you’ve popped them on, you’re ready to go ahead with the rest of your routine. 

Here’s the thing - you need to apply your eye mask before you use heavier products like oils and creamy moisturisers. Creams and oils can stop any water-based skincare from being as effective - even if you’re using the best of the best eye masks

Other than as a touch of self-care, one of the best ways to use an eye mask is prepping your undereye for makeup. They hydrate your under eyes to minimise creasing, plus they catch any excess eyeshadow fallout! 

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