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Getting your lips to look absolutely flawless starts with using this product: lip liner. They come in just as many shades (if not more) than lipsticks, meaning there’s a match for every lip shade out there - including your favourite. Lip liners are essential in every makeup bag - here’s why.

Why You Should Buy Lip Liner

Using a lip liner before your lipstick does three crucial things. First, they help to improve the longevity of your lipstick. A lip liner is an essential tool that ensures your lipstick lasts through the day, with minimal to zero touch-ups. How? Lip pencil adds another layer of lip colour to your lips - so if your lipstick starts to break down and transfer, you have a backup in lip liner!

Another reason why you should shop for your new favourite lip liner (online with us, preferably) is because they’re fantastic for helping you get precise lines. After all, they are called lip liners.

Since they have narrower tips (that can be sharpened to super-accurate points), they’re excellent for creating precise lip lines that your lipstick won’t escape! When you buy lip liner, you buy an essential bit of lip makeup that helps make lipstick application look better and prevents lipstick from bleeding outside of your lips for a flawless look, all day long.

However, that’s not all these lip pencils can do - if you’re looking for a way to enhance your pout without surgery or injectables, we’ve got two words for you: lip contour.

How to Lip Contour

This pre-approved technique using a lip pencil makes your pout look fuller and juicer - no needles involved! The idea behind it is similar to contouring your face - sculpting it with makeup to enhance your already gorgeous features.

What you’ll need to contour your lips are two lip pencil shades - a nude shade that’s similar to, but a touch deeper than your natural lip colour, and a slightly lighter neutral shade. Using the deeper nude shade, line your lips, following your natural lip line - not outside it but not completely inside it either.

With lip contour, the goal is to make what you already have looked amazing - not try and draw on something entirely new!

The next step is to blend the deeper shade from the outside, but you don’t want to completely fill your lips with this shade. Once it’s mixed, start blending with the lighter shade from the inside out or apply your favourite nude lipstick shade. Top with your favourite lip gloss for a juicy, finishing touch. Pro tip - glosses make lips look fuller than a flat, matte finish!

Where to Shop Lip Liner Online

Now that you know why you should buy lip liner to add to your makeup bag, here’s where to find one - right here at Beauty Affairs. Shop lip makeup from GA-DE, Lancome, Chanel, Dior and other luxury beauty brands to find your new favourite lip liner today! Free shipping with orders above $179 Australia-wide.

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