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Peel-off masks aren’t just gimmicks - they’re a significant part of every skincare routine. Their main benefit is working as mild exfoliators on the skin. Once dry, the facial mask (gently) pulls off any loose dead skin cells and grime off the skin. This reveals soft, new skin underneath. However, that’s not the only thing a peel-off mask can do for the skin!

Benefits of A Peel Off Mask

Decongests & Prevents Breakouts

Because they provide a gentle form of exfoliation, these masks eliminate any pore-clogging debris, such as dead skin cells. This means that they can prevent any pores from getting blocked in the first place for clearer, bump-free skin. 

Revives Dull Skin

Because they mildly exfoliate, a peel-off face mask is also excellent for adding radiance and luminosity. Exfoliation and hydration are the main factors contributing to super glowy skin - and this mask does both.

Firming and Rejuvenating

A face peel mask is a great way to get some anti-ageing skincare benefits into your skincare routine. After using a peel-off mask, your skin is firmer-looking and more radiant - ready for the rest of your skincare routine.

How to Use a Peel-Off Face Mask

You need to use a peel-off face mask right after cleansing - if you apply anything beforehand, the mask might either not work correctly or take any goodness from that product when you peel it off. We want our skincare to be as effective as possible!

Using a small brush, apply the mask to clean dry skin. Be careful around your eyes and lips - these are parts of the face you don’t want to tug on. Once dry, gently pull the mask off of your skin to reveal radiant, fresh skin underneath.

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