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Did you know that shea butter is actually a plant oil? The reason it (usually) comes as a solid, creamy-coloured brick is because it doesn’t melt as easily as other oils. Shea butter & shea butter skin care is packed full of antioxidants and fatty acids to nourish and moisturise skin - here’s why it’s an amazing addition to your skin care routine. 

Benefits of Organic Shea Butter Skin Care

Like all plant oils, shea butter has a crucial role to play when it comes to moisturising skin. It’s an incredibly effective emollient, smoothing over dry flakes and helping to lock any water to the skin for a moisturised glow.

Shea butter skin care products also have the benefit of being incredibly soothing for dry, sensitive skin - whether that’s on your face or your body. This is thanks to the high levels of natural inflammatories in shea butter skin care that help to calm skin. 

Another reason why you’d want to use organic shea butter skin care is that shea butter is incredibly rich in antioxidants, protecting skin from free radical damage. Free radical damage mainly occurs due to UV light exposure and pollution and is linked to premature signs of ageing - by preventing this damage from happening in the first place, shea butter can help ward off the signs of ageing

Shea butter is also a miracle worker when it comes to improving the elasticity of skin - it’s able to restore bounce and firmness to the skin thanks to the combined powers of antioxidants and intense moisturising ability. 

What Are the Best Shea Butter Skin Care Products?

In its pure form, most would find that shea butter is just a little too greasy for everyday use - however, using shea butter skin care like moisturisers and body lotions helps your skin get all the benefits of shea butter, plus benefit from all the extras added to the formula. 

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