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Mascara is one of those makeup essentials that really helps to pull your entire look together, whether you’re going for just simple mascara and lipgloss or you’re creating a full glam, fluttery-eyed look. Mascaras work with your natural lashes, creating length and volume - the finishing touch to finish off your makeup.

Types of Mascara: Australia’s Favourites

There’s a mascara out there for everyone - whether you’re looking for something that lasts all day long or something that washes off easily with water, there’s a mascara for you. Here’s a quick run-through of some of the common mascara types out there and their benefits and why you’d use them!

Waterproof Mascara: As their name suggests, this kind of mascara doesn’t come off easily with just water - or even micellar water. Pro tip - we recommend using an oil or balm cleanser instead! However, waterproof mascara is formulated to last all day without flaking or creating panda eyes. Plus, it anecdotally helps straight lashes to stay curled all day long.

Tubing Mascara: Tubing mascara is an excellent alternative to waterproof mascara for those looking for something a little easier to rinse away at the end of each day. Tubing mascaras are formulated to literally create tubes out of water-resistant polymers around your lashes. They’re strong enough to resist breaking down during the day, but come off easily with micellar water.

Colourful Mascara: Looking for a way to add a subtle pop of colour? Mascara comes in more colours than just black or brown! Using a shade that complements your natural eye colour creates a subtle difference that uplifts your entire makeup look!

Cruelty-Free Mascara: If you’re looking out for your furry friends, using cruelty-free mascara is the way to go. They’re not tested on animals and usually don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients either (such as beeswax).

Mascara Primer: While not technically a mascara, mascara or eyelash primers can help your mascara last all day long while conditioning your lashes at the same time for fluttery, healthy eyelashes.

Tips and Hacks for Using Mascara (Australia-Proof Advice!)

Something that many makeup users find in our sweltering summer heat is that their lashes droop, instead of locking in a curl. The culprit? The heat! One way to avoid this is to rely on more than just mascara to curl your lashes. The solution is to always use a curler on your eyelashes so they have a curl of their own that’s enhanced by your mascara - not created by it!

We’ve all done this one before - smudging mascara all over our eyeshadow. The first instinct is to wipe it off, right? However, the best thing to do is exactly the opposite. Let it dry first - then, it’ll come off easily with a dry q-tip without messing up your eyeshadow. Voilà! Your eyeshadow still looks perfect and so do your lashes.

Where to Buy Mascara: Australia Edition

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