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Toners are a crucial step in your skin care routine - they balance skin pH levels, plus they make sure that your skin is fresh and clean. However, that’s not all that they can do!

Your Guide to Water-Based Toners

While technically, all toners are a water-based liquid that you swipe on your skin, only the best water-based toners are full of skin-friendly ingredients to boost your overall skin health.

Using a cotton round with toner on it to ensure that every last trace of makeup or the day’s grime is gone from your skin has to be one of the most satisfying steps of a good skincare routine. Plus, they’re not just for making sure all your makeup is gone.

A toner is an essential step after cleansing, especially if you live somewhere with hard water. It whisks away all traces of tap water on the skin to rebalance it and prepare it for the rest of your skincare routine.

What’s in Water-Based Toners?

Besides pure water, water-based toners are also usually packed with humectant ingredients to boost hydration in your skin. Humectants are ingredients that attract water to the skin, increasing hydration and banishing dryness. The most famous of which is Hyaluronic Acid, but that’s not the only thing that toners are formulated with to nourish the skin!

The best water-based toners can also be formulated with ingredients to soothe irritation and calm down red skin. Sensitive skin will love toners like this for their ability to relieve redness. Potent skin-soothing ingredients include Niacinamide and Centella Asiatica.

Antioxidants are also another common addition to toners. While they’re in lower concentrations compared to a serum or an ampoule, antioxidants in toners can still help shield the skin from free radical damage.

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