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Redness and rosacea can be tricky to take care of! If your redness pops up for no reason (or maybe you just want to enjoy certain foods without your face turning red), these skin care products are for you. Here’s how to find and choose good skin care products for rosacea-prone skin.

How to Choose the Best Skincare for Rosacea

Usually, redness (and stinging) is caused by external irritants breaching our skin’s natural defenses - this is a part of our skin called the acid mantle or skin barrier. One major factor in reducing redness is ensuring that the skin barrier is healthy - and how do we do that? With good skin care for rosacea.

The best skincare for rosacea is focused on ensuring this essential part of the skin is healthy and strong helps to minimise skin flushing and redness - and there are crucial ingredients to look for to ensure that you’re helping your skin as much as possible. 

Finding good skin care products for rosacea starts with some of these nourishing, soothing ingredients.

Panthenol: Soothes skin and helps to maintain a healthy moisture barrier. 

Centella Asiatica: Hydrates and calms skin with unique anti-inflammatory molecules. 

Niacinamide: Reinforces the moisture barrier for resilient, healthy skin.

There isn’t a skin care line for rosacea out there that doesn’t have at least one of these skin-soothing ingredients!

Rosacea Skin Care Treatment: Anti-Inflammatory Skincare

Another major benefit of these ingredients is that they have potent anti-inflammatory abilities. I know what you’re thinking - why does that matter? Well, redness is skin presenting an inflamed response to something - and soothing, anti-inflammatory rosacea skin care treatment ingredients are just what your skin needs.

Redness and rosacea can easily crop up if skin is over exfoliated - this is especially true for physical exfoliation, where the rubbing and friction can cause a flushed, irritated response. 

There is some good skin care for rosacea brands that are designed to help - Swiss brand Declaré has based their entire brand ethos on helping sensitive, redness-prone skin. Every single product is formulated with this skin concern in mind, making them a great skincare line for rosacea.

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