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LED masks might look like something out of a sci-fi novel, but they’re just what your skin care routine needs! No longer a treatment relegated to the beauty therapist’s office, now you can get your own dose of LED mask therapy right at home. They’re perfect for using a few times a week and complement almost all skincare ingredients - so they’re a sure fit in your skincare routine, too!  

Benefits of Light Therapy Skin Care Masks

Unlike a hand-held light therapy tool, a mask can treat your entire face at once - cutting down on time and ensuring that every inch of your skin gets an equal share of this amazing at-home treatment. 

Some light therapy skincare masks allow you to use different wavelengths of light to treat skin - the two most common kinds are blue and red. Blue light therapy is best for zapping acne and potentially reducing sebum production for less greasy feeling skin - perfect for oily skin types.

The Advantages of Red Light LED Masks

Red light is better suited for mature skin, or anyone who’s trying to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Red light is able to penetrate to a different layer of the skin, reaching fibroblasts - the part of skin responsible for creating collagen. It’s thought that red light stimulates the fibroblasts into creating collagen for younger, firmer skin.

Another benefit of red light is that it reduces inflammation, soothing skin from within. This means it’s also effective on acne-prone skin by reducing the skin’s inflammation response to acne and encouraging any breakouts to heal faster than they would otherwise. 

An LED light skin care tool is something that belongs in every skincare junkie’s & LED light therapy arsenal. Shop the best in beauty and skincare tools here at Beauty Affairs! Sign up now for exclusive access to the best beauty brands.

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