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A cream cleanser is a classic skincare product. It’s just one of the many types of cleanser that you can use to get your face perfectly fresh and prepped for the rest of your beauty routine. But why should you choose one over all other types of cleaners? Here’s how to decide if, for a fresh and clean face, cream cleansing is suitable for you.

Why Use a Cleansing Cream?

Its rich, moisturising texture sets a cream cleanser apart from other types of cleaners. They tend to have a thick, luxurious consistency once you squeeze them out of the tube. They’re opaque and, well, super creamy.

A hydrating cream cleanser will have a heavier feel than gel cleansers, usually due to having more oil-based moisturising ingredients to nourish and cleanse skin at the same time. 

What’s the Best Cream Cleanser for Me?

Like other cleansing products, a cleansing cream can suit all skin types - depending on the formula. Here’s how to choose the best cream cleanser for you.

Some hydrating cream cleanser formulas don’t foam up and rinse off - making them perfect for dry and sensitive skin. They’re meant to be massaged in and wiped off with a tissue or warm, damp flannel - leaving traces of any oils in the formula to moisturise the skin. The remaining product

Other cream cleansers are formulated with ingredients like clay to cleanse the skin deeply - this type of product would be perfect for oily to combination skin to help purify pores. 

If you’re still trying to get a clear and clean face, the cream could be the way to go.  

Here’s a tip if you have normal skin - using a clay cleansing cream once or twice a week in your routine is a great way to minimise pore size and breakouts without drying out your skin.

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