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Cream mask is a classic skincare product - it is one of the first kinds of facial masks ever used! The idea of slathering a thick, nourishing cream over your skin has been around for a long time - and there’s definitely a reason they’re still a popular mask choice today. While sheet masks have stolen the spotlight on social media these days, don’t overlook the benefits of a good cream mask!

Benefits of Cream Masks

A cream mask is formulated with a super-moisturising ingredients list - perfect for normal to dry skin. They help the skin to attract and keep moisture, plus they’ll usually be formulated with other skin-beneficial ingredients too.

The huge variety of skincare ingredients they’re formulated with can benefit more than just dry skin. Cream facial masks formulated with niacinamide not only help with anti-ageing and brightening dull skin, but they can also help to manage the appearance of pores for oily skin.

How to Use Cream Facial Masks

It depends on the mask - some cream masks are formulated to massage into the skin until totally absorbed so your skin can benefit from all the ingredients. Some are meant to be rinsed or tissued off of the skin - tissue off means that some mask residue gets left behind on the skin, and that’s a good thing!

Another way to use cream facial masks is multi-masking - the process of applying the cream mask to some parts of your face but using a clay mask on other parts. This is a technique that really customises your skincare to your face and helps you get the best results, especially if you have combination skin.

A cream mask is a fantastic addition to every skincare routine - they’re nourishing and formulated with powerful skincare ingredients to help you journey to glowing, radiant skin. Shop for the perfect cream mask at Beauty Affairs - sign up to our mailing list for exclusive offers on SK-II, Lancôme, and more!

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