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Hutwoods luxury scented candles are soy-based candles that evoke the senses, thanks to bespoke scent blends that you won’t find anywhere else. These brightening aromas are perfect for your home and office, and especially as gifts!

Hutwood Candles: Eco-Friendly Luxury Home Fragrance

When it comes to scented candles, natural is definitely better - that’s why Hutwood candles are made from soy, instead of paraffin wax. Paraffin wax burns faster and can be sootier than soy, releasing more volatile organic compounds into the air than other candle bases. 

Hutwoods’ soy luxury candles have a longer burning time so you can enjoy these unique, refreshing fragrances for longer - but that’s not all that sets them apart from traditional scented candles. Did you know that wooden wick candles are friendlier on the environment than cotton?

Creating wooden wicks takes far less energy and resources than creating cotton wicks - plus, wooden wicks ensure an even burn on your luxury scented candles! No soot marks or mushrooming wicks here - just an even, satisfying burn. Plus, they make a crackling sound as they burn, perfect for creating a relaxed mood. 

One of our favourite candle scents is Coconut & Lime - this tropical scent duo brings a mood of being by the beach sipping cocktails in the sun, while Lime, Mandarin & Basil are the perfect invigorating combination to keep on hand for a fresh, cleansing aroma! 

If you’re looking for something a little more luxe, Champagne & Strawberries is always a hit - this combination of sweet, ripe strawberries with a touch of bubbly helps you celebrate every day!

Aussie-made Luxury Candles & Diffusers

These luxury candles are created right here in Australia, with an emphasis on masterful craftsmanship and modern-day design for a scented candle that’s perfect for you and your home. And it’s not just eco-friendly soy candles that you’ll find from Hutwood candles - a range of reed diffusers comes in just as many scents as the candles do! 

Why choose a candle over a reed diffuser? Well, it depends on you. Burning an eco-friendly candle creates releases a stronger version of the scent in the air, plus the soft crackling of the wooden wick creates a relaxing mood - perfect for setting the tone for a relaxing bubble bath at the end of the week!

However, Hutwoods’ eco-friendly diffusers release a more subdued, yet constant aroma. You don’t need to worry about a fire hazard with these, and they’re better for setting and forgetting - although, you won’t forget how good these Australian-made diffusers smell anytime soon! 

These high-quality reed diffusers continuously release scent for over 6 months, ensuring that your favourite home fragrance lasts. 

Where to Buy Hutwoods Luxury Scented Candles

Shop the full range of Hutwood soy candles and diffusers here at Beauty Affairs! They make the perfect gift for a special someone (or even yourself) to add a touch of luxury to your home or office. Free shipping Australia-wide with orders over $150, so don’t forget to treat yourself! And you can shop now, pay later with AfterPay, Zip, and Klarna on Beauty Affairs. 

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