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Professional-quality makeup brushes are a game-changer for your makeup routine - we promise. They’re a must-have for your makeup bag! Whether you’re looking for a beginner brush set to start off with, or if you know exactly which kind of brush you need - we’ve got you covered here at Beauty Affairs. Find your perfect makeup brush set - Australia-wide shipping now available. 

Different Kinds of Makeup Brushes

There’s a makeup brush for every single makeup product out there - and even then, they’ll differ when it comes to what the brush itself is made of and the shape it has!

Foundation Brush: This type of face makeup brush has a few different shapes - the most beginner-friendly is a paddle brush, but flat-top kabuki and dome foundation brushes are also great choices for foundation brushes.

Powder Brush: Powder makeup brushes are large and fluffy - perfect for diffusing setting powders over your skin. Pro MUA tip: never go straight from your powder compact to your face, especially if you want a non-cakey finish. Tap your brush first to get any excess powder off the brush - then you’re ready to start setting your face! 

Eyeshadow Brush: Eyeshadow brushes come in a huge variety of shapes, depending on whether you’re adding a concentrated shock of colour to your eyelids or if you’re just adding a subtle shadow. Flat eyeshadow brushes are the best makeup brushes for applying pigment to your eyelids. 

Pro MUA tip: spritz your makeup brush with setting spray to intensify any eyeshadow you use! Small, fluffy eye makeup brushes are perfect for blending away any harsh edges for a flawlessly diffused eyeshadow look. 

How to Choose the Best Makeup Brushes

It can be hard to choose the best makeup brushes for you from a bunch of individual choices - that’s why we’ve made it easy for you with brush sets from brands like GA-DE, Inika Organic, and more. By choosing a makeup brush set (Australia-wide shipping free with orders over $100!) that already has everything you need, you’ve now got everything you need for flawless makeup! 

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