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Alongside using a long-wearing base coat and high-quality nail polish, the last thing you’ll need to polish off your manicure (pardon the pun) is the right nail polish top coat. Like nail primers, topcoats often get left out and underestimated, but the truth is, using one will take your nails from looking like you did them at home to looking like you did them at the salon.

Here’s our guide to shopping for the best top coat at Beauty Affairs!

Benefits of Using Nail Top Coat

Many people think that nail polish is just clear nail polish in a bottle - but they couldn’t be more wrong. There are plenty of reasons why you should use a top coat for your nails, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for your at-home manicure kit here at Beauty Affairs.

Tired of smudging your nails right after doing them? A quick dry top coat will save you a lot of stress and keep your nails looking impressive. They’ll dry your nails faster - no ice water or other TikTok manicure hacks required.

Another reason why you’d want to use a topcoat is for the shine. Some nail polish top coats can make your manicure look just as shiny as a gel manicure, with the bonus of ensuring your nails don’t chip as quickly.

Using a topcoat is essential if you’re a fan of doing nail art at home. It seals in all your hard work for a manicure that looks fresh from the salon!

Different Kinds of Nail Top Coats

Some kinds of topcoats are called special effects topcoats and create unique effects on your nails. The most common is a mattifying nail polish topcoat, which gives your nails a soft matte finish instead of a high-shine gloss.

Another popular special effect topcoat is a glitter topcoat - they add subtle sparkles and glitter over the top of your chosen nail polish colour for a girly, glittery look that suits every shade.

Special effects topcoats are a great way to do quick nail art at home - no finicky nail art tools required!

How to Use Nail Top Coat

A top coat should always be the last step in your nail care routine to seal everything in for a glossy finish. Once you’ve finished applying your shade of the week (two coats is a good rule of thumb!), lock everything in with your topcoat.

Pro tip: let your nail polish dry before you go over it with a top coat. The top coat nail polish brush can drag nail polish that’s too wet, causing streaks and bald patches. With a topcoat, one coat is enough to seal everything in for a shiny, chip-free manicure!

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