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Oil treatment is often underestimated, but a powerful skin oil can be just as good as a skin care serum (and I’d argue they’re just as necessary, too)! The best face oil that you’ve ever used is probably right here at Beauty Affairs - here’s everything you need to know. 

Benefits of an Oil Treatment

Just like their name suggests, these are effective skin treatments - just in oil form. The number one benefit of skin oil is its ability to moisturise the skin. Oils soften and moisturise skin, ensuring that it’s super smooth and super hydrated. Oils work as emollients and occlusives to seriously nourish and nurture skin. While oils shine when it comes to locking hydration into the skin, that’s not all they can do.

Depending on their formula, an oil treatment can balance oily skin, brighten hyperpigmentation, reverse sun damage, and even help ward off premature signs of ageing. Individual oils have their own unique benefits for skin - some skin care oil products have a blend of oils to take advantage of these benefits, while some are 100% pure oils. 

How to Choose a Skin Care Oil

The best face oil for you depends on your skin type! A skin care oil can be used by everyone - it just depends on the oil itself. If you have normal to dry skin, you can use heavier oils like macadamia and argan oil

Combination to oily skin is better off sticking to oils like rosehip oil and squalane - they’re much lighter in texture and won’t feel as greasy on the skin. Sensitive skin benefits from facial oils, too - many are anti-inflammatory and help to lock in hydration, promoting healthy skin and calming redness. 

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