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Beauty Affairs has an extensive body lotion, milk and oil collection from luxury brands like Declare, Dermalogica, Dior, Loccitane, La Mer and Mor. Shop the body lotion, milk and oil to moisturise and keep your skin smooth.

Why Use a Body Lotion

A crucial part of the skin’s structure is the moisture barrier - it has a critical role in ensuring that skin doesn’t get too dry and works just as it should. How does body lotion help?

For starters, a body lotion helps to keep hydration in the skin. They're formulated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and shea butter to draw water to the skin and keep it there. Skin will feel immediately softer and smoother!

How to Choose the Best All-Over Body Lotion

The great thing about body lotion is they come in all kinds of textures - if you’re looking for a super-rich, luxurious texture, reach for cream moisturisers. They tend to have a blend of ingredients heavier on the oil side for super-powered moisturisation.

A regular body lotion or body milk is the perfect not-too-light yet not-too-heavy formula. They’re lightweight enough not to feel sticky and heavy on the skin, yet don’t leave skin feeling dry and thirsty for more. The best all-over body lotion depends on what you like to feel on your skin!

Body oils are a great option for moisturising skin and massage. Since they’re pure oils, they don’t have any extra ingredients like glycerin to attract water to the skin. However, oils shine (literally) by adding a noticeable, dewy radiance to the skin - almost like body makeup!

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