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If you have oily skin, you've probably already used ash and clay skin care before! I know what you’re thinking - wait, clay has ashes in it? I know, it sounds a bit nuts but that’s exactly what volcanic clay is - the result of ashes mixing with natural clays to add a detoxifying boost.

Why Use Ash and Clay Skin Care?

The reason clay is such a popular skincare ingredient is thanks to its super oil-absorbent properties. I know what you’re thinking - big deal, we know it absorbs oil. But have you ever paused to think about how absorbing excess sebum benefits skin?

One of the most visible benefits is clay’s ability to instantly shrink pores - since clay gently, yet incredibly effectively grabs any excess oil in pores, they instantly look smaller. While this effect is temporary, it’s a great way to clear out any breakout-causing gunk that might be hanging around.\

Because clay is so effective at absorbing oil-based sebum, it’s able to grab anything that might actually be bad for your skin, too! This includes impurities that are stuck in sebum, plus clay could help dissolve any excess oil that’s mixing with dead skin cells to block pores. 

What Is the Best Ash and Clay Skin Care?

The best way to get the most benefits of clay for your skin is with a clay face mask. They’re best used right after cleansing - you just need to apply a layer on, wait for it to dry, then wash off. Then, you’re ready to go ahead with any other serums and moisturisers in your routine!

Clay masks have this super-satisfying side effect of making visible oil-spots from pores that are packed with oil, so you can tell if your clay mask is really working or not. 

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