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Creating an atmosphere in your home, or even your office is easy with all the different options out there - scented candles, diffusers, and wax melts. However, one that stands out (literally) above the rest have to be reed diffusers. This chic home fragrance option slowly disperses your favourite home fragrance over time to create a homey ambience of relaxation. 

Reed Diffusers or Candles?

If you’re looking for the ultimate low-maintenance option when it comes to brightening up a place with a signature scent, diffusers are the best (and the chicest) option out there. For one, there’s no fire risk with a diffuser, unlike candles or wax warmers. They gently effuse their aroma throughout the room for a subtle lift.

A reed diffuser is also a safer option compared to a candle or fragrance plugs - they’re easier to place out of reach of little hands, unlike plug-ins that can get yanked out of wall sockets or candles that could be knocked over. 

Diffusers work by using wooden reeds that absorb a rich, fragrant oil and evaporate that same scent in the air, releasing their aroma around the clock. If you’re finding that your diffuser doesn’t seem to be releasing as much scent anymore, but there’s still a lot of oil in the vessel, try this trick! 

Remove the reeds from the diffuser and flip them over, making sure the parts that were submerged in the oil are now sticking out. This should revitalise and give new life to your diffuser - even the best diffusers need a little bit of help sometimes!

Best Diffusers: Our Favourite Scents

When it comes to choosing the best diffusers, it can be hard to pick just one out of all the amazing aromas that you can find. Fans of floral and fruity fragrances will love the Hutwoods Lychee & Peony Diffuser for transforming their space into a haven of positivity and freshness.

The Hutwoods Fresh Coffee Diffuser has an energising and neutralising smell, perfect for keeping in or near the kitchen to offset any lingering cooking odours and adding a freshly roasted aroma of its own. 

A true crowd-pleaser has to be the Hutwood Sweetpea & Vanilla Diffuser. The classic smell of vanilla always lights up a room and combined with the delicate fragrance of Sweetpea Blossoms, there isn’t anyone out there who wouldn’t appreciate this amazing-scented gift. There’s even a matching scented candle for those who want a stronger scent throw.

Where to Buy Diffusers Australia

Shop the best in home fragrance and luxury diffusers Australia here at Beauty Affairs. They make the best gifts for a loved one or even yourself! Find your new favourite reed diffuser from Hutwoods and more at Beauty Affairs.

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